Located on the road from Kirby Cane to Beccles, opposite the turn off to the Staithe. CLAVERING HUNDRED CLOSED 1858
Licensees :
Age 53 in 1841
1836 - 1858

Edward Dowson purchased 12 houses from the Harleston Brewery in 1828.

Henry Gibson Dowson is described in 1836 as Brewer and Spirit Merchant. In 1854 as Brewer, Maltster and Spirit merchant.

The estate was offered for sale 31st March 1858, including the brewery and 34 houses in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The houses included in the sale were :-
SWAN - Drift Marsh - Gillingham
WHITE HOUSE - Wheatacre
SWAN - Kirby Cane
DUKE OF YORK - Ditchingham
BUCK - Earsham
DOVE - Wortwell
GREEN DRAGON - Harleston
FALCON - Pulham Market
GREEN MAN - Kirstead
SWAN - Hempnall
ALBION - Market Place - Norwich
TEN BELLS - Westwick Street - Norwich
FERRY BOAT - Southtown - Gt Yarmouth
DUKES HEAD - Gt Yarmouth.
PIGEONS - Beccles
LADY OF THE LAKE - Carleton Colville
SWAN - Bungay
ANGEL - Bungay
SHIP - Bungay
ROSE and CROWN - Bungay
HEATH HOUSE - Weybread
RED LION - Mendham
WHITE LION - Halesworth
ALL SAINTS - Halesworth
KINGS ARMS - Halesworth
KINGS HEAD - Halesworth
LORD NELSON - Southwold



The brewery was described as :

With the extensive Fermenting and Tun Rooms, Cooling Floors, Ale, Porter and Spirit Stores, Malt and Hop Chambers, Pump, Engine, and Boiler Rooms, Two Maltings ( steep 120 coombs ), Counting Rooms, Brewer's and Clerk's Residences, stabling and Premises, all judiciously arranged and most substantially built.....

 On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd July 1858 the Brewery was due to be sold, however the second sale was delayed until Monday 26th July 1858 and the first sale of Fixed Plant and Building Materials postponed until further notice :-
The entire
Building Materials, comprising the well-built and sound outside walls, the two lofty chimney shafts, the settings of the two coppers, boiling back &c.; the foreign timbered roofs, with tiles, slates and lead; the foreign timber beams, floors and partitions; the doors windows and louvers; together with the iron columns, braces, bolts, joints, locks, &c.
Fixed Plant and Machinery comprising a three inch fir Liquor Back with spindle valves and levers; a 37 barrel open Liquor Copper, Howard's Patent Furnace; a wrought iron Steam Boiling Back ( gauge 90 barrels ) of best Stafford plates, with double sides and bottom and six horizontal tubes, stayed throughout for boiling by high pressure steam; a wrought iron cylindrical Hot Liquor Reservoir, with dome ends, steam pipes and boiling apparatus attached; a three inch Oak 30 quarter Mash Tun, with false bottom; a 30 quarter Mashing Machine, with wrought iron shaft and oar rakes, traversing frame, &c. ; Copper revolving Sparger; a three inch fir Hop Back, a three inch Oak Under Back, Wort Back, Hot Liquor Back; the strong fir Coolers containing about 1300 feet super; a powerful Refrigerator ( Grigory's Principle) by Pontifex; Working Squares gauging from 24 to 95 barrels; Wort Engine; Malt Crushing Cylinders; Six horsepower Steam Engine; 25 horsepower Cylindrical Steam Boiler and pipes, gun-metal cocks, all to be sold in lots to suit brewers, back-makers, machinists and coppersmiths.

2nd day:-
Moveable Plant consisting of working stillions, yeast backs and frames, copper and tin cans and utensils, about 1000 barrels, 400 kilderkins and 100 firkins; about 250 spirit bottles and the usual assortment of brewing and malting utensils.
<See July 1858 - below>

Counting House Fixtures including mahogany Library Table, wainscot Desks, Stools, Chests, &c.
The Instruments consisting of Saccharometers, Hydrometers and Barometers by Dring & Fage.
Horses, Carriages, Harness and other Effects...


On 10th April 1858 the following sale results were published:-
1. Brewery, two malt-houses, brewers and clark's residences, fixed brewing plant and machinery, £2,500 to Mr. J. Crisp, Junior.
2. Dwelling house and stabling, £340 -
Mr. E. Dowson.
3. Cooperage and blacksmith's shop £135 - Mr. G. Jay.
4. Gillingjham Swan, £610 - Messrs Youngs.
5. The `Drift' marsh, Gillingham, £305 - Mr. Towell
6. Beccles Pigeons, £200 - Mr. R. Goddard
7. Wheatacre White House, £450 - Mr. G. Last.
8. Carlton Colville Lady of the Lake, £510 - Mr. J. Cobbold.
9. Kirby Swan, £370 - Messrs. Youngs.
10. Ditchingham Duke of York, £710 - Mr. T. Cuddon
11. Bungay Kings Arms, £195 - Mr. T. Cuddon.
12. Bungay Jolly Butchers, £430 - Messrs. Youngs.
13. Bungay Swan, £630 - Messrs Arnold.
14. Bungay Prince of Wales, £960 - Messrs. Youngs.
15. Bungay Angel, £550 - Mr. H. Hudson.
16. Bungay Ship, £400 - Messrs. Arnold.
17. Bungay Rose & crown, £620 - Messrs. Youngs.
18. A going on Bungay Common, £100 - Mr. T. Cracknell.
19. Earsham Buck, £280 - Messrs. Youngs.
20. Wortwell Dove, £450 - Mr. Richardson.
21. Denton Kings Head, £620 - Mr. Christmas.
22. Harleston Green Dragon, £400 - Mr. R. Seaman.
23. The Maltings, Harleston, £800 - Mr. H. Hudson.
24. Pulham Market Falcon, £5660 - Messrs. Youngs.
25. A piece of arable land, the Three Corners, occupied by above lot, £210 - Mr. Coleby.
26. Syleham White Horse. £380 - Mr. Tacon.
27. Weybread Heath House, £820 - Mr. T. George.
28. Mendham Red Lion, £530 - Messrs Youngs.
29. Metfield Huntsman & Hounds, £800 - Mr. J. Crabtree.
30. All Saints White Lion, £270 - Messrs. Tacon.
31. A going on All Saints Green, £58 - Mr. William Harteup.
32. Halesworth Kings Arms, £700 - Mr. J. Cobbold.
33. Halesworth Kings Head, £770 - Mr. J. Crabtree.
34. Southwold Lord Nelson, £380 - Mr. J. Cobbold.
35. Kirstead Green Man, £ 520 - Messrs. Youngs.
36. Hempnall Swan, £350 - Messrs Youngs.
37. Norwich Albion, £1,600 - Mr. J. Cobbold.
38. Norwich Ten Bells, £600 - Mr. Bocking.
39. Acle Queens Head, £700 - Mr. Hinchcliffe.
40. Southtown Ferry Boat, £460 -
Mr. E. Dowson.
41. Yarmouth Dukes Head, ( Subject to a mortgager of £1,200 and an annuity of £90 ), £20 - Mr. J. Cobbold.
42. The Mansion and Grounds, £1,500 - J. Kerrich Esq.

TOTAL SALE £23,853


On Monday 26th July 1858 the ENTIRE MOVEABLE BREWING PLANT and ROLLING STOCK was auctioned.

The items to be sold included:-
Nearly 600 ft  of fir working stillions,
5 yeast batches and stands,
18 new pontoon cocks,
Oak spirit stands,
Gauging from 50 to 300 gallons,
250 stone spirit bottles,
Copper spirit measures,
Copper and tin yeast and filling-up cans,
4 malt screens,
600 sacks,
Brewers instruments, saccharometers, hydrometers and thermometers,
6 new 40-barrel pontoons,
upwards of 1000 sound and sweet iron-bound barrels,
600 kilderkins,
100 firkins,
3 capital double-breasted waggons,
2 strong 6-barrel drays,
Barrel truck,
2 very useful horses,
harness and other stable requisites,
about 306 barrels of Stale Beer,
40 pockets of Kent hops,
10 pockets of Sussex hops

The sale of FIXED PLANT and BUILDING MATERIALS was POSTPONED until further notice.