BLOFIELD, TAVERHAM & WALSHAM REGISTER taken September 1789 & September 1794
Licensees :
CHARLES HALL 1789 - 1794
EDWARD LAYTON 1805 - 1820

The Norfolk Chronicle of Saturday 22nd July 1820 reported that Christopher Aldis, Charles Paston, Daniel Barnes, William Walker, Philip King and stepbrothers Charles Layton (23) and Henry Layton (15), were severally indicted for stealing a quantity of coals, being the property of John Morse esq. of Norwich.

Aldis and Paston were masters of the wherry the Accommodation and on the 10th May 1820 were observed by Mr E A Johnson and Mr H S Riches to stop in the early morning at Cantley White House and unload a quantity of 88 skeps of coal. The unloading was assisted by the accused (except Walker who was admitted evidence against them). The coals were put into a bin owned by Edward Layton, proprietor of the White House, who had also assisted in the transfer.
On arrival at Norwich the cargo was regularly metered and of the 25 chaldron invoiced, one chaldron and 10 bushels were deficient.

John Morse and his late partner Mr William Hall deceased, who was part owner of the Accommodation, had employed he aforementioned Mr Johnson and Mr Riches to watch over Aldis and Paston `in consequence of suspicion having been entertained of their integrity'

Aldis and Barnes were each sentenced to 7 years transportation.
King and Charles Layton each received imprisonment for one year.
Paston was imprisoned for six months and Henry Layton for three months.

The Norfolk Chronicle of 13th January 1821 reported that Edward Layton was indicted for grand larceny. It was reported that crime took place at between five and six in the morning, on the 10th May 1820.
The unlawful unloading of coals had been observed by Mr Amond Johnson and Mr Riches, who had been concealed on the craft called the Betsy (The Betsy was conducted by Buttle)
Edward Layton and others had been observed conveying coals to a bin, as had been given in evidence during the trial during the last Summer Assizes.
Edward Layton had absconded immediately after the affair had been detected but had failed to establish an alibi.

The Jury found Edward Layton guilty and he was sentenced to seven years transportation.

Recorded as the WHITE HORSE in Register of Blofield, Taverham & Walsham Hundred licensed houses taken 9th September 1789.
The Norfolk Chronicle of 29th April 1820 advertised for sale :-
`Cantley WHITE HOUSE - Situated on river, half way between Norwich and Yarmouth, with the Staithe thereto belonging............ An excellent meadow of 6A 0R 14P with the Common Allotment included............ a most desirable property situated for Brewers, Malsters and the Corn Trade - Apply to Mr Samuel Mitchell, land agent, Norwich'

Again offered For Sale by Auction Saturday 28th October 1820.

Did the WHITE HOUSE become the RED HOUSE?

(Note - in 1891, the census reveals that James Wilson is at the Red House but after 2 further entries, one being the station, Anna Croker (age 69) is named at the White House.)




Jan Glasby advised 25.11.2004 that Edward Layton was transported to Port Jackson in Australia for the offence of stealing coal.
See opposite.

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