Dates from 1767
Owned by Dennis Herbert

Mr Herbert, Brewer of Setch entered partnership with Mr Hogg in 1802.
Hogg & Herbert

Advertised For Sale 19th June 1819 - A Capital Ale, Porter and Table Beer Brewery.
With many free public houses, besides private customers.
A considerable Spirit Business to be disposed of with the Brewery.
Also a Master's Residence, Clerk's dwelling house and several newly erected cottages for servants, a good farmyard with convenient buildings and several enclosures of Pasture Land.
The property only offered for sale owing to the proprietors wishing to retire.
Apply Mr. C. P. Herbert or to Mr. Thomas Cockett, Auctioneer, Royston, Herts.

On 20th January 1820 Cornelius Herbert sold out to Thomas Allen.
Trading continued as Hogg & Allen

In 1830 Allen sold out to George Hogg & James Dillingham for £6750

Given as HOGGE & Co in Whites 1836 directory.
George Hogge & Co in 1846 - Brewers, maltsters & spirit merchants.

The Ship Lane Brewery and 22 licensed houses were leased for 14 years, at an annual rent of £600, from the Reverend Stephen Allen D.D. to Messrs HOGG & SEPPINGS - as lease dated 11th October 1861

George Hogge entered into partnership with William Seppings in 1863.

Deeds were deposited at Barclays Bank 6th June 1906 to secure a loan of £19,000
(The brewery & 16 houses of John Jex Rolfe was purchased 5th June 1906 - for £11,000  ).

The Setch Bridge Brewery was registered 1911

Taken over by Bullard & Sons following Sale by Auction, Tuesday, 18th September 1928.

The Estate - September 1928
The Lots in 1928 sale.
Lot 1. is the brewery.


Marie Mackie - Upon writing a biography of Louisa M , nee Hogge, sister of the Hogge/Archdale brothers advises :-

Various members of the Hogg partners in Setch Brewery. The first in 1802 would be either George HOGG (III) 1748-1811, or his son George HOGG (IV) 1772-1847. 

The Hoggs were wealthy merchants and ship-owners of Lynn -- George (III) had thirteen surviving children. In 1830 most of the family assumed the final 'e' and became HOGGE, though some sources still mistakenly give Hogg.

Dying in 1847, the childless George Hogge (IV) left his share in Setch Brewery to his brother William HOGGE 1785-1862 (he lived in Biggleswade, Beds, where he was involved in brewing as a partner in Wells & Co / Hogge & Lindsell; he had moved there after marrying the daughter of brewer Samuel Wells -- who had at one time been a partner in Biggleswade of Dennis Herbert, first owner of Setch Brewery, interestingly enough). In Setch Brewery, William Hogge was in partnership with his friend William Seppings, a lawyer, of Lynn (exact dates unknown).

In 1861 William Hogge left the Setch shares to his son, yet another George Hogge (V) who lived 1817-1901. William Seppings eventually handed on his half to his son (I believe this was Col Thomas Seppings).

George Hogge (V) was not much of a businessman, preferred to be in London and ended up as a writer, though he retained his shares in Setch brewery.(They acquired two of the new hotels in the new town of Hunstanton St Edmunds in the 1860s.)

In 1866 this last George Hogge (along with his brothers Fredk and Charles) changed his name by deed poll to Archdale But the Setch business evidently kept on with the name Hogge and Seppings. When George (Hogge) Archdale died in 1901, having no children of his own he left his shares in the brewery to his nephew George Fitzroy Archdale 1864-1939 (son of Fredk).


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