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The CONISFORD BREWERY was owned by John Barnard in 1563.
This was later owned by the Allen family who in turn sold to
Edward Tompson in 1660.

( In March 1778 the complete Brewing Office, late in occupation of Nockold Tompson, situate in St. Stephen's Parish, was advertised to be sold. Included in the sale were Malting Offices, dry Malt rooms, Tun-houses, Store Cellars ans Stables; Also several very good Drawing Houses in the City and Tenements)

    For Sale by Auction, Monday 7th September 1778  
  Lot I The Brewing Office, Dwelling House in the Yard, two Malting-offices, Store Cellars, Stable and Coal House  
  II CROWN INN - adjoining the Brewing Office.  
  III MITRE INN - adjoining the Brewing Office.  
  IV SHOULDER OF MUTTON - St. Augustine's.  
  V QUEEN CHARLOTTE - St. Stephen's and Tenements adjoining.  
  VI SHOULDER OF MUTTON - St. Stephen's and Tenements adjoining.  
  VII ANCHOR - St. Stephen's and Tenements adjoining.  
  VIII WOOLPACK - St. John's Timberhill and Tenements adjoining.  
  IX UNION FLAG - St. Martin's at Palace.  
  X CROWN & QUARTS - St. John's Timberhill.  
  XI MAGPIE - St. Michael at Thorn.  
  XII COAL CART - St. Peter's Permountergate.  
  XIII PLOUGH IN - St. Andrews.  
  XIV FLOWER IN HAND - Heigham.  

Stackhouse Tompson is given at 49 King Street in 1783
Timothy Tompson 1811
Charles Tompson 1830
Tompson Brothers 1842
The brewery remained with the Tompson family until sold in 1844.

It was reported 28th January 1803 that the Compting-house of Tim Tompson, Brewer, was entered by Picklocks, the previous evening or earlier that morning. Cash and Norwich Bankers' Notes, of considerable amount, were taken from an Iron Chest; also a Pocket Book containing Notes of Hand. The Pocket Book, and other Property, had been discovered on the Premises of Grocer, Mr. William Newson of St. Saviour's, supposed to be thrown over his wall by the Depredators.
A FIFTY POUND REWARD offered by Tim Thompson for those who discover the Offenders so that they may be apprehended and prosecuted to conviction.

At the City Sessions held on Tuesday 28th April 1829, brewer C. Tompson Esq. successfully appealed for the return of £150 6s 6d in duty paid, for malt destroyed, in the recent fire in one of his maltings, situated in King Street.

Advertised 13th July 1844 as being for sale during August 1844, in ONE Lot.

Comprising a capital Residence and Brew-house, with capacious Tun-rooms and Stores, Counting-houses, several large Malt-houses, Dwelling -houses, Cottages and Premises, together with upwards of 60 Inns and Public-houses situated in Norwich and the Neighbourhood and all in occupation of industrious Tenants.
Trade for previous three years being an average of nearly 9,000 barrels per annum.
The Plant and Utensils in excellent preservation and complete with two open coppers, ganging respectively 73 and 60 barrels, mash tun to wet 40 quarters, with machine, hop and underbacks, six coolers, six working tuns, ganging together about 370 barrels, refrigerator by Grigory, a cast iron liquor back, gauge 228 barrels, a high pressure steam-engine of six horse power, horse wheel, malt rollers, powerful liquor and wort engines; vats and every requisite appendage.

Sale date confirmed as Tuesday 27th August 1844 in advertisement published 10th August 1844 and again 17th August 1844.

A Malt House in King Street, with cemented working floors, 50 quarter steep, tiled kiln and three furnaces, two barley lofts and two malt chambers were offered To Let, 5th October 1844. A second Malt House, also in King Street, with cemented working floor, 25 quarter steep, wire kiln and two furnaces, excellent barley and malt chambers, coal house and pump was also To Let. As was a third Malt House, newly erected, opposite the Rainbow Public House, with cemented working floor, 16 quarter steep, tiled kiln furnace, extensive stowage for barley and malt, plus a large yard. All with Immediate Possession.

It was advertised October 1844 that on Wednesday 6th November 1844, the sale by auction would take place of 55 Inns, Public Houses, and Beer Shops, together with numerous Cottages and Land attached thereto, belonging to Messrs. Tompson's Brewery, mostly situated in Norwich and neighbourhood, with the remainder in Catton, Trowse, Horsford, Lammas, Wymondham, Surlingham, Hempnall, Lenwade and Topcroft.