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St. George's Colegate                 CLOSED

Thomas Foyson sen. died before 24th February 1832.
His Creditors were asked to send their particulars in a notice dated as above.
Mr. Foyson was described as late a Vinegar Maker and Beer Brewer.

The Dwelling House and Brewing Office of the late Mr. Foyson were advertised for sale 24th March 1832.
Situated in St. George's Colegate the Dwelling House consisted of entrance hall, two excellent parlours, commodious kitchen, seven bed-rooms, dressing-rooms, store-room, laundry, wash-house, good cellars, with convenient offices &c.
The Brewing Office, generally acknowledged to be one of the most compact and best arranged in the City or Neighbourhood being well suited for cooling, having tun and store-rooms for 100 barrels, malt chambers for 500 coombs, hop chamber, &c. a counting-house, overlooking the whole of the premises, capital stabling, cart lodges, cooper's shop, &c. &c.
The House fronted St. George's Middle Street with the Brewery behind and extending through to Calvert Street.
The Plant comprised a 14 and 30 barrel copper, both fixed upon the most approved principle, mash tun for 30 coombs, with extra iron bottom and patent mashing machine, hop-back with iron false bottom, a sufficiency of well-situated coolers, working square capable of working 100 barrels, liquor back for 60 barrels, stillings for 80 to 100 barrels, horse mill, connected with three motion liquor pump, malt mill, mashing machine, wort pump, sack tackle, &c. &c.

Mrs. Foyson, widow, thanked her Friends and Customers 27th July 1833, for their continued support of her business. She hoped that they would continue to enjoy a beer made from pure malt and hops.

The estate of seven Public Houses, plus what appears to have once been a Public House, were due to be Sold by Auction during September 1833.

The operating houses, in full trade, owned or leased by Mr. Foyson were :-
The SHAKESPERE TAVERN, St. George of Colegate, Norwich.
The JOLLY TOPERS, St. Martin at Oak, Norwich.
The PRINCESS CHARLOTTE, in Crook's Place, St. Stephen's, Norwich.
The WHEATSHEAF, in St. Edmund's, Norwich.
The COTTAGE, in Pockthorpe, St. James, Norwich.
The PORTLAND ARMS, near Cherry Street, Lakenham.
The WINDMILL, in Cherry Field, Lakenham.

Also included was a Messuage and Butcher's Shop, formerly called the GRAPES, situated in Magdalen Street, Norwich.
On 7th April 1832 Thomas Foyson junior, announced that he had commenced the Brewing Business on the premises lately occupied by Mr. Pratt in Magdalen Street, Norwich.
It being the only means left to provide maintenance  of his Mother and very numerous Family, he most earnestly entreated the Patronage of a Benevolent Public.
Private Families and the Public would have the Greatest Attention paid to the Quality of the Beer and they could rely upon the Genuine Article at the Lowest Price.

In July 1841 the Dwelling and Brewery in St. George's Colgate, plus the Windmill public house and 4 dwellings in New City (Lakenham) and Crook's Place (St. Stephen) were offered for sale by auction following the death of Thomas Davy, successor to Thomas Foyson.

On Monday 29th January 1844 the Dwelling House in St. George's Middle Street and a substantial building, sometime since used as a Brewery, were again offered for sale by auction.


On Thursday 11th July 1844 the Brewing Plant and Effects of the Brewery at St. George's Colegate, were offered for Sale by Auction.
A Copper, capable of brewing 30 coombs and another of 14 coombs. A Mashing Machine horse works complete, 30 coomb Mash Tun, Liquor Back lined with lead, two Hop Backs, Under-beck, Cooler, two working Squares, Yeast Trough, three-motion Pump, Malt Mill, Sack Table and other Effects.


Charles WESTON had another brewery in St. Georges from at least the 1780's, by 1845 he had taken over the ex-Foyson premises, by which time he was said to own 32 public houses.

On Thursday 18th August 1864 the St. GEORGE'S BREWERY, Dwelling Houses, Stabling, Malt-houses and 40 Public Houses were Sold By Auction, upon the instructions of the Executors of Charles Weston, Esq. deceased.

The Public Houses in Norwich were:-
  Lot 1. The Brewery & CROWN St. George's  
  2 JOLLY BUTCHERS St. John Sepulchre  
  3 WIND MILL St. Michael at Thorn  
  4 LION & CASTLE St. John Timberhill  
  5 PEACOCK St. Stephens  
  6 PRINCE OF ORANGE St. Julian  
  7 CROWN St. Benedicts  
  8 QUEEN of HUNGARY St. Margaret's  
  9 BUILDERS ARMS St. Lawrence  
  10 THREE TURKS St. Lawrence  
  11 BLUE BELL St. Gregory  
  12 BOY AND CUP (late) St. John Maddermarket  
  13 FLEECE St. Andrew's  
  14 CROWN St. Peter Hungate  
  15 JOLLY HATTERS St. James  
  16 DUKE OF MARLBROUGH St. Edmund's  
  17 CATHERINE WHEEL St. Augustine's  
  18 ANGEL St. Martin at Oak  
  19 BESS of BEDLAM St. Martin at Oak  
  20 CHERRY TREE St. George's Colegate  
  21 HEN & CHICKENS St. Mary's  
  22 RED LION St. Michael Coslany  
  23 MOON & STARS St. Michael Coslany  
  24 ROYAL OAK Heigham  
  25 HALF MOON Heigham  
  26 DUKE of YORK Thorpe Hamlet  
    Houses in the County of Norfolk  
  27 BUCK Thorpe Village  
  28 RAM Brundall  
  29 GOAT Strumpshaw  
  30 KING'S HEAD St. Faith's  
  31 CROWN St. Faith's  
  32 CHEQUERS Hainford  
  33 BIRD IN HAND Tasburgh  
  34 WHITE HORSE Ashwellthorpe  
  35 LEATHER BOTTLE Wymondham  
  36 GOAT Wymondham  
  37 CROSS KEYS Wymondham  
  38 CHERRY TREE Seething  
  39 FOLLY Claxton  
  40 CROSS KEYS Mattishall  
    The following were NOT included in the Brewery and Public House Lots:-  
  41 The Crown Maltings, Garden and right of Wharfage, St. Benedict's, Norwich.  
  42 Broker's Shop and House, occupied by Mr. James Kemp, St. Benedict's  
  43 Draper's Shop and House, occupied by Mr. James Wilson.  
  44 Two Cottages in the Crown Yard.  
  45 Allotment, Wymondham.  
  46 House, Forncett  
  47 Allotment, Forncett  
    On 3rd September 1864, Messrs. Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs advertised that the St. George's Brewery, late the property of Charles Weston would be Sold in the early part of October. The CROWN public House and Maltings at the rear would NOT be included in the sale.
Other properties to be sold were:-
The CROWN INN, St. Benedict's with Stable and adjoining Fruiterers' Shop.
The THREE TURKS INN, St. Lawrence, with adjoining Tenement.
The HALF MOON, Heigham, Cottage and Land.
The Premises, late BOY & CUP adjoining Messrs. Barwell's Stores, opposite the Corn Hall.

The Sale was on Monday 31st October 1864.

(The St. George's Brewery, St. George's Middle Street is recorded 1879, then in occupation of Mr. James C. Smith.)

By 1881 the St. Georges Brewery was trading under LORD, SMITH & CARMAN.